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Comfortable, Lightweight, Large Visor and Affordable
Superior All-In-One Protection
  • Offers maximum head, face, and respiratory protection meeting ANSI/ISEA standard Z89.1 Type 1 for protective headwear and ANSI/ISEA Z87.1 High Impact face protection.
  • Meets 1,000 Assigned Protection Factor (APF).
  • One size fits all. No fit testing required.
  • The airflow is designed to rush over and around the top of the head to deliver cooling to the face while also providing superior respiratory protection.
Optimal Vision
  • Workers feel assured knowing their head is protected and their viewing area is enlarged for increased vision.
Rugged Durability
  • Hard coated polycarbonate lens and visors are designed to withstand the harshest environments
Climate Control Comfort Options
  • Flow control devices provide workers with superior comfort to stay cool or keep warm, whatever climate.
10 SCFM is required per Flip Front Helmet

Quality Air Breathing Systems are designed to provide Grade "D" Breathable Air.