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In response to the age old question of "how can I drag only one hose?" the Model 50 Single Line Hose system is designed to give you a positive answer.

Introduced in the late 1990's the Model 50 Single Line Hose System has been a favorite of body shop painters. The Single Line Hose System comes complete with a 25', 35' or 50' Single Line Hose assembly. The Single Line Hose assembly is made from a 3/8" ID breathing air hose and comes complete with a step down pressure regulator, pressure gauge, and point of attachment quick coupler.

For painters and others that need Grade "D" Breathable Air and are looking for a way to provide a safe and workable solution to this need, the Model 50 SL may be the right answer.

As with all of our Quality Air Breathing Systems, the Model 50SL comes complete with the four stage filtration. A true automatic float drain. An onboard broad band carbon monoxide air quality monitor, with both audible and visual alarms. Then it is finished off with the Single Line Hose assembly, as ordered, and the entire assembly is panel mounted and ready for use.

As the name implies the Model 50 Single Line Hoses System can process up to 50 SCFM. The amount of CFM's you use is dependent on the amount of CFM's you demand. If you do not know how to calculate the CFM's we can help.

Some of the features and benefits of this system are:

  • Single line breathing air hose assembly that includes a 54' tool hose
  • Broad band carbon monoxide monitor
  • Four-stage filtration
  • Automatic Float Drain
  • Built in warning lights
  • Audible alarm horn
  • Panel mounted, ready to use

As with all of our Quality Air Breathing Systems, service and maintenance of the system is easy and inexpensive. We offer a Best Buy Filter Kit for the Model 50 Series, and a calibration kit for easy end user testing and compliance with OSHA regulations.

Look to Martech Services Company to provide the system or systems that fit your needs and facilities.

Replacement parts and accessories for the Model 50 SL

For more information about any of our Quality Air Breathing Systems contact us today at 800-831-1525.


Quality Air Breathing Systems are designed to provide Grade "D" Breathable Air.