Quality Air Breathing System - Model 150

The Model 150 Systems are designed to provide 150 SCFM of Grade “D” Breathable Air, from your existing compressed air supply. These complete systems are panel mounted and are available with two types of on-board monitors to choose from. Both monitors provide a warm up purge cycle time of only one minute. The four-stage filtration and automatic moisture discharger are standard. Built in warning lamps and audible horn alert users if hazardous gases exceed preset OHSA limits.

Model 150-B*

Model 150-E

*Broadband monitors not only monitor for carbon monoxide, it also monitors for oil vapors, hydrocarbons, toxins, paint & solvent fumes and any other oxidizable contaminates. Check out our YouTube video on the differences between the Broadband Monitor and Electro Chem Cell Monitor.

Replacement parts and accessories for the Model 150 Series

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