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High atomization HVLP spray guns specially designed for body shops and considering their versatility and strength also for the industrial applications.

The GEO System, born to exploit in the best way the bond of pressure equal to 10 PSI dictated from the HVLP system, allows to obtain a degree of the product's application better than the conventional one for the consumption and degree of finish. By exploiting the dual atomization of the product due to the particular design ofthe nozzle, the GEO System allows a high level application with all types of old and new generation paints.

The advantages of GEO are:

- Excellent finish

- Transfer efficiency of above 70% as tested by leading Italian and European regulatory authorities

- Low air consumption of the spray gun

- Less clogging of the filter in the spray booth, for the benefit of user's health and the environment

- Compliance with environmental regulations (HVLP)


Quality Air Breathing Systems are designed to provide Grade "D" Breathable Air.