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HVLP SYSTEM is the WALCOM solution to combine quality with reliability at the same time meeting the environmental regulations. High performance fan shape and atomization obtained thank to the new aluminum cap of high pulverizing degree which was originally designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, allow these spray guns to be used also in the very demanding body shop and sector.

HVLP SYSTEM combines a transfer efficiency of 70% with an excellent finish, the application velocity, make this spray gun popular among the painters of the different sectors.

HVLP SYSTEM has been tested with all the main painting products for the industrial and body shop sectors, obtaining high level results.

Therefore the advantages of HVLP SYSTEM are:

  • Excellent Finish
  • Great Versatility, with high quality results in wood processing, for industry and body shops.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations (HVLP)
  • Low air consumption



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